By far my favorite product is the Hand Salve

It is just the right mix of moisturizing without being greasy. I love how great it makes my bare nails look when I use it on my hands. But my favorite use is on the rough patches on my elbows. I use it every night before bed and have never gotten such great results with other products. They've never been this smooth in my life. I love it!

Tara W.

Chesapeake, VA

I don't leave home without the Lip Balm or Hand Salve by Amelia Sage

I love all the Amelia Sage products I have tried but the Hand Salve and Lip Balm are always with me, no matter where I am. During a recent trip to Florida, despite using sunscreen, I got a really bad burn on my lips and my shins. The only thing that brought relief to my badly burned lips was the Amelia Sage Lip Balm.. It was cooling and moisturizing and it stays put on my lips for hours. The burn on my shins hurt and it itched. I actually applied the Amelia Sage Hand Salve to the burn because nothing else was helping, not even aloe. It cooled the burn and relieved the itch. The best part is the ingredients. I can feel confident putting these products on me or my children.

Shannon D.

Travelers Rest, SC

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I love the Amelia Sage Body Butter

I live in a northern climate and the weather really takes a toll on my skin. Especially my legs and arms. I love how the body butter really sinks in and keeps my skin soft. I only use it once a day and it works all day! And the best thing is no itchy dry skin. It does go on oily which is different than a lot of creams I have used. But I think this is what makes it work! Within a minute or so it has sunk into my skin. Plus I am using a cream that is chemical free and natural. I have also been using the hand salve every night and it really helps soothe my rough knuckles, finger tips and hangnails. The hand salve has cured my rough hands! Love Amelia Sage! Can’t wait to try another fragrance in the body butter!

Gayle T.

Walled Lake, MI

The Lip Balm is AMAZING

It leaves my lips feeling soft and moisturized. Other brands left my lips wanting more and Amelia Sage satisfies! I highly recommend this product!

Carrie C.

Ada, MI

I love the Lip Balm by Amelia Sage

I have been a "Chapstick addict" since a very young age. Since middle school, I have used the original Chapstick brand, and I keep a tube in my purse, my car, next to my bed, at work, everywhere! The thought of all the toxic petroleum-based ingredients I have put in my body over the years makes me shudder! I have never been able to find an all-natural replacement that I like as well UNTIL I tried the Amelia Sage Peppermint Chocolate Lip Balm. I actually like it better than any of the large name brands! And I know the ingredients are safe for my body. I have replaced all of my "Chapstick" tubes with Amelia Sage tubes! It has just the right amout of peppermint and moisture and really stays on your lips to provide protection from the weather, dry air, or sun. And I know it is safe for me to kiss my newborn's sensitive little cheeks!

Dayna T.

Travelers Rest, SC

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