100% natural, nourishing, handcrafted hand salve that protects and conditions nails and cuticles. A little bit of this salve goes a long way. Great for everyday use all year long!

Spearmint & Bergamot Hand Salve

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    Size: NET WT. 1.2 OZ.

    Ingredients: Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Local Pure Beeswax, Non-GMO Vitamin E, Spearmint and Bergamot Essential Oils.

    All Amelia Sage products are made from USDA certified organic and natural ingredients that are 100% chemical-free. They are free of GMOs, animal testing, synthetic oils, fragrances, alcohols, parabens and petroleum.

    This protective and soothing hand salve can be used regularly on nails and cuticles to help prevent dryness and cracking. It is especially effective when used after washing hands, or after hands are exposed to the elements (cold or hot weather, gardening, yard work, etc.).

    Sunflower Oil is packed with many nourishing nutrients. It contains fatty acids which help maintain the skin barrier and lock in moisture.

    Olive Oil penetrates deeply into the skin. It contains Vitamin E which helps restore skin smoothness.

    Beeswax provides a natural barrier for skin, helping it retain moisture and protecting it against irritants. Beeswax is vitamin-rich, containing Vitamin A which supports turnover and reconstruction of skin cells.

    Vitamin E is essential to supporting healthy skin and nails, and helps restore smoothness.

    Spearmint Essential Oil has an uplifting aroma, and has a cooling effect on skin. It has natural antiseptic properties.

    Bergamot Essential Oil has a refreshing citrus aroma, natural antiseptic properties, and helps soothe skin.

    Note: This is a 100% natural product and the consistency is affected by temperature. Keep out of direct sunlight in a cool place if possible. If the product does melt, place it in the refrigerator and the consistency will become firm again. Best if used within 6 months.