Our Ingredients

Everything in our store is carefully made from scratch by us in Travelers Rest, South Carolina. Since our products do not contain any synthetic preservatives, they have a shelf life, and we make them in small batches to ensure freshness. Our ingredients are free of GMOs and animal testing, and they are 100% chemical-free.


Our ORGANIC Ingredients

The ingredients labeled organic in our products' ingredients panels are USDA certified and we source them from trusted vendors. We spent much time carefully researching the vendors and keep copies of their organic certifications. The ingredient's organic certification means it has met the requirements of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to be labeled organic. This means it meets the USDA and National Organic Program (NOP) standards for production, handling, processing, and labeling. It was grown and processed without chemical fertilizers, growth hormones, GMOs, or synthetic pesticides.


Our NATURAL Ingredients

The ingredients NOT labeled organic in our products' ingredients panels include local pure beeswax, local pure raw honey, vitamin E and essential oils.


Local pure beeswax is a large component of most of our body care products because it has many conditioning, protective and healing properties for the skin. We only use beeswax from either our own hives or from trusted local beekeepers. The hives are maintained naturally, without the use of chemicals, and the beeswax is processed so that it is available in its purest form for us to use in our products.


We also use local pure raw honey as an ingredient in some of our products. Like beeswax, we only use honey from either our own hives or from trusted local beekeepers. Honey contains many nutrients and minerals excellent for skin health, and most honey sold by large manufacturers has been processed in a way which kills off healing enzymes and destroys the nutrient-rich content. The honey we use is raw and has not been processed. It also does not contain any additives.

In addition to maintaining our hives naturally, we are also avid organic gardeners. We don't use synthetic chemicals anywhere on our land.

Honey bee in our herb garden.

Pure, raw wildflower honey from one of our hives.

Pure raw wildflower honey, extracted from our own hives.

Pure beeswax before it has been cleaned and filtered.

The vitamin E in our products is not certified organic because there is no certification available for vitamin E. The vitamin E we use is natural and non-GMO.


We source the essential oils for our products from a company we trust. The essential oils are pure and unadulterated. The plants are grown and harvested responsibly and sustainably, and the essential oils are extracted gently.

Why We're Not Certified Organic

We choose to not obtain organic certification because we use local beeswax and honey that is not USDA certified organic. Although the beeswax and honey we use are 100% natural, they do not carry the USDA organic certification. Meeting the requirements for organic apiculture in the United States is very difficult and uncommon, and there are only a few certified apiaries in the United States which are located in remote locations. We are beekeepers ourselves and strongly believe in supporting and contributing to healthy local honey bee populations. We know exactly how the hives which produce our beeswax and honey are maintained by the beekeepers, and that's really important to us. We know that the beeswax and honey we're putting into our products are the best that we can source for our customers.


The process involved in securing a certified organic seal is lengthy and costly, and we prefer to keep the cost of our products as low as possible for our customers. We are 100% transparent about the ingredients we put into our products and we work hard for consumers' trust.

Observing a frame from one of our honey bee hives.

A frame from one of our hives.

Observing a frame of capped honey from one of our honey bee hives.

A frame of capped honey.

Extracting honey from frames from one of our honey bee hives.

Honey extracting.

All Amelia Sage products are hand packaged and hand labeled. We use reusable, eco-friendly containers whenever possible, and we reuse recyclable packaging materials for shipping. The beautiful, natural, handmade feel of Amelia Sage products is perfect for a little pick-me-up everyday, or for gift-giving. When you purchase from our store, you are supporting a small family-owned business and taking a big step towards a more chemical-free household.

Pure beeswax before it has been cleaned and filtered.